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A. Sight Distance Triangles.

1. At the intersection of two (2) streets, or at the intersection of a street and an alley, a triangle measuring thirty (30) feet in length along the curb lines or edge of roadway or alley from the point of intersections shall be left unobstructed.

2. At the intersection of a street and a driveway a triangle measuring twenty (20) feet along the curb line or roadway edge and the edge of the driveway from the point of intersection, and connecting diagonally, shall be left unobstructed.

3. Specific visibility triangle requirements for the intersections shall be determined through application of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Standards or by the Town Engineer.

4. Landscape materials shall not exceed a height of thirty-six (36) inches above the grade of the roadway or driveway within the sight distance triangle.

5. Trees in the sight distance triangle shall have a minimum eight (8) feet of clearance between the lowest limbs of the tree and the roadway. (Renumbered by Resolution #1599, effective 5/10/19; Renumbered by Ordinance #396, effective 5/10/19; prior code §  9-6. Formerly 9-060)