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Sustainable design concepts such as the following are desirable and should be incorporated into the landscape plan as much as possible:

A. Good soil preparation;

B. Use of mulch;

C. Use of sunken tree basins;

D. Use of low water-use drought tolerant plants;

E. Use of efficient irrigation design;

F. Incorporation of passive water harvesting concepts;

G. Planting of symbiotic groupings of native species;

H. Incorporation of shade over public areas such as sidewalks, bikeways and parking lots;

I. Use of shade to mitigate the impact of sun and wind on structures and public areas.

In addition, projects are urged to consider implementing active water harvesting and storage as an offset to groundwater pumping. General design information and site-specific design guidelines are available from the Community Development Department at the Town. (Created by Resolution #1599, effective 5/10/19; Created by Ordinance #396, effective 5/10/19)