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A. Surface areas of a project not used for buildings, drives, parking or permitted outside uses shall be landscaped, retained in their natural state or revegetated.

B. Any portions of a site disturbed by site preparation and/or construction, especially cut or fill slopes, shall be landscaped or revegetated. A minimum of four (4) inches of topsoil is to be placed on the disturbed area.

C. Landscape areas may include organic and inorganic materials as approved by the Design Review Board and/or Community Development Director.

D. Preservation and reuse of viable native vegetation existing on the site is strongly encouraged.

E. Plant materials used shall be primarily native or drought tolerant.

F. The majority of each design plan must incorporate xeriscape concepts, including:

1. Use of mulch;

2. Installation of a drip system;

3. Use of drought tolerant plants;

4. Use of permeable ground cover;

5. Incorporation of shade.

G. Landscape must be suitable to the terrain.

H. The landscape design must account for site drainage and pedestrian/bicycle traffic.

I. Design should promote bicycle traffic where applicable.

J. Landscape design must incorporate energy and water conservation concepts.

K. Landscaping must be installed prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy or receiving a final inspection from the Town of Clarkdale or the owner shall provide the Town with financial assurances, or other legal instrument acceptable to the Community Development Director, in sufficient amount, as evidenced by a written estimate from a licensed landscape architect or contractor, to complete one hundred percent (100%) of the landscaping.

L. All landscaping, irrigation and other site work shall be installed as shown on the approved landscape and irrigation plans. (Revised by Resolution #1621; Revised by Ordinance #403; Revised by Resolution #1599, effective 5/10/19; Revised by Ordinance #396, effective 5/10/19; prior code §  9-3)