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The Town of Clarkdale encourages an integrated approach to landscape design. The following standards provide direction towards the production of a viable, attractive landscape design developed in consideration of the existing environment and climatic challenges of our unique area.

Principles of landscape design standards:

A. Preserve and enhance the natural beauty and environment;

B. Mitigate the impacts of parking and other vehicular areas;

C. Ensure safety;

D. Minimize the effects of temperature extremes, noise, pollution, wind and glare;

E. Promote water and energy conservation;

F. Provide a buffer between land uses;

G. Soften and complement new and existing structures;

H. Enhance quality of life.

Landscaping may include a mix of vegetation (trees, shrubs and decorative accent plants) and surface treatments such as permeable surfaces, boulders and hardscape. (Revised by Resolution #1599, effective 5/10/19; Revised by Ordinance #396, effective 5/10/19; prior code §  9-1)