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A. As used in this Ordinance, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, certain words and phrases shall mean the following:

1. Discontinued: means the discontinuation of use for a period of six (6) months.

2. Class 1 Lighting: means all outdoor lighting used for but not limited to outdoor sales or eating areas, assembly or repair areas, advertising and other signs, recreational facilities and other similar applications where color rendition is important.

3. Class 2 Lighting: means all outdoor lighting used for but not limited to illumination for walkways, roadways, equipment yards, parking lots and outdoor security where general illumination of the grounds is the primary concern.

4. Class 3 Lighting: means any outdoor lighting used for decorative effects, including but not limited to architectural illuminations, flag monument lighting, and illumination of trees, bushes, etc.

5. Planning Director: means the Planning Director for the Town of Clarkdale or his/her representative.

6. Development Project: means any residential, commercial, industrial, mixed use subdivision plan, individual building development or remodeling plan which is submitted to the Town for approval.

7. Direct Illumination: means illumination resulting from light emitted directly from a lamp. Luminary or reflector, not light diffused through translucent signs or reflected from other surfaces such as the ground or building faces.

8. Fully Shielded Fixture: means that fixtures are shielded in such a manner that light rays emitted by the fixture, either directly from the lamp or indirectly from the fixture, are projected below a horizontal plane running through the lowest point on the fixture where light is emitted.

Examples of fixtures that are Fully Shielded:

(Note: to be fully shielded these fixtures must be closed on top and mounted such that the bottom opening is horizontal)

Examples of fixtures that are NOT Fully Shielded:

9. Installed: means attached, or fixed in place, whether or not connected to a power source.

10. Light Trespass: is spill light falling over property lines that illuminates adjacent grounds or buildings in an objectionable manner.

11. Lumen: is the unit used to measure the actual amount of visible light, which is produced by a lamp as defined by the manufacturer. A lumen is the light produced by one candle.

12. Luminary: means the complete lighting assembly, less the support assembly.

13. Multi-class Lighting: means any other outdoor lighting used for more than one (1) purpose, such as security and decorations, when those purposes fall under the definitions for two (2) or more lighting classes as defined for Class 1,2, and 3 Lighting above.

14. Motions Sensing Security Lighting: means a fixture designed, and properly adjusted, to illuminate an area around a residence or other building by means of switching on a lamp when motion is detected inside the area or perimeter, and switching the lamp off when the detected motion ceases.

15. Neon Lighting: means lighting using luminous gas filled tubes often formed into text, symbols or decorative elements. Neon Lighting includes tubes with typical diameters of 10 to 20 millimeters filled with neon, argon, xenon, or other gasses and producing various colors of light. Not included are replaceable T-8 (1 inch diameter) and T-12 (1.5 inch diameter) or PL (“compact”) fluorescent tubes.

16. Net Acreage: means the remaining ground area of a parcel after deleting all portions for proposed and existing public rights-of-way and undeveloped area.

17. Outdoor Light Fixtures: means all outdoor illuminating devices, reflective surfaces, lamps and other devices, either permanently installed or portable, which are used for illumination or advertisement. Such devices shall include, but are not limited to, search, spot and floodlights for:

a. Buildings and structures

b. Recreational areas

c. Parking lot lighting

d. Landscape and architectural lighting

e. Billboards and other signs (advertising or other)

f. Street lighting

g. Product display area lighting

h. Building overhangs and open canopies

i. Security lighting

18. Outdoor Recreation Facility: means an area designed for active recreation, whether publicly or privately owned, including but not limited to parks, baseball, soccer or football fields, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools.

19. Person: includes a corporation, company, partnership, firm, association or society, as well as an individual.

20. Security Lighting: is lighting designed to illuminate a property or grounds for the purpose of visual security. This includes full shielded lighting designed to be left on during the night time hours as well as motion sensing lighting fixtures.

21. Temporary Lighting: means lighting which does not conform to the provisions of this Ordinance and which will not be used for more than one thirty (30) day period within a calendar year. Temporary lighting is intended for uses which by their nature are of limited duration; e.g. holiday decorations, civic events, or construction projects.

22. Total Outdoor Light Output: means the maximum total amount of light, measured in lumens, from all outdoor light fixtures on a property. For lamp types that vary in their output as they age (such as high pressure sodium and metal halide), the initial output, as defined by the manufacturer, is value to be considered.

23. Unshielded Fixture: means a fixture that allows light to be emitted above the horizontal directly from the lamp or indirectly from the fixture or a reflector.

24. Watt: is the unit used to measure the electrical power consumption (not the light output) of a lamp. (Prior code §  8-13)