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1. All signs shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Community Development Department to ensure compliance with the Zoning Code and Design Review Board Approval.

2. Footing inspections shall be required for all signs with footings.

3. Signs containing electrical wiring shall conform to the standards of the applicable electrical code and the components shall bear the label of a testing agency approved by the State of Arizona.

4. When, in the opinion of the Town Manager or authorized representative, reasonable cause exists concerning the safety of a proposed or existing sign structure, the applicant or owner shall furnish written documentation from a registered civil, structural, electrical or mechanical engineer certifying its safety. The Town reserves the right to order removal of a sign on the bases of a threat to public safety.

5. Notice of noncompliance of any sign shall be given to the owner and user of such sign by first class mail sent to the last known address of the owner and user as shown on the records of the Yavapai County Assessor.

6. Failure to remove or bring the sign into compliance in accord with a notice given pursuant to Section 7-120-5 above shall result in appropriate enforcement action, including but not limited to:

a. The Town Attorney, acting on behalf of the Town Council, shall seek the removal of any sign not erected in compliance with this Code or maintained in a safe manner and,

b. The billing of the owner or user of such sign an amount equal to the costs to the Town in removing and storing any such sign; or

c. Issuance of a citation by the Clarkdale Police Department for the offending party(ies) to appear before the Town Magistrate.

7. For Definitions see Chapter 2 of the Zoning Code. (Prior code §  7-12)