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A. Animated:

1. Limited to traditional barber poles and time & temperature devices.

2. Maximum of one per business.

3. Freestanding, wall or projection.

4. Maximum size not to exceed 50 square feet.

5. Included in the calculation of total sign area maximums.

6. Shall not project above roof line.

B. Awning (Canopy):

1. Signs may be attached to awnings made of rigid materials or appliqued or painted on the awning surface.

2. Signage on awnings shall not project above the awning.

3. Bottom of awning shall maintain a 9 foot vertical clearance.

4. Signage on awnings shall count toward the maximum signage square footage in Section 7 – 9.

C. Freestanding Monument Signs:

1. Permitted in commercial and multi-family zoning districts and for residential subdivisions.

2. Minimum setback from property line equals 1 foot for each foot of height of the sign for signs 6 feet or less in height; for signs in excess of 6 feet in height the setback shall be greater than or equal to the height of the sign.

3. Low-water use, drought-tolerant plants from the Town of Clarkdale Plant List, Section 9-090 of the Zoning Code, or landscape rocks may be placed around the sign base to minimize the visual impact of a monument sign and create a visually attractive appearance.

4. One monument sign is allowed for each road intersection providing access to the property.

5. See Section 7-090 of this Code for maximum signage square footage.

6. Base of sign must be in proportion to sign size area.

7. Maximum height of sign and base shall not exceed 10 feet above existing grade at time of construction.

D. Off-Premise Commercial Signs:

1. Maximum number equals one per street frontage per parcel on which the sign is placed. Proof provided to the Town of permission from the parcel owner is required prior to installation of any off-premise sign.

2. Maximum size of sign advertising a single use equals 32 square feet.

3. Maximum size of sign advertising multiple uses equals 50 square feet.

4. Minimum separation between off-premise signs equals 600 feet, includes signs on same or different parcels.

5. Minimum separation between off-premise and on-site signage equals 200 feet.

6. Minimum setback equals the required setback of the zone district if the parcel is developed or 10 feet if undeveloped.

7. Limited to Central Business, Commercial or Industrial zoning districts.

8. Fifty percent of the signage allocated to off-premise advertising shall be deducted from the allowable on-site signage of the advertising parcel.

9. Maximum height of sign and base shall not exceed 10 feet above existing grade at time of construction.

E. On-Site Commercial Information:

1. As reviewed and approved by staff and the Design Review Board during review of a master sign plan application.

2. On-Site information signage shall not contain advertising script or symbols.

F. Neon:

1. Permitted in the Central Business and Commercial Districts only.

2. May be projecting, window or wall.

3. Shall only be illuminated during business operating hours.

G. Political – (In Accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 16-1019):

1. Maximum size equals sixteen (16) square feet, if the sign is located in an area zoned for residential use, or a maximum area of thirty-two (32) square feet if the sign is located in any other area.

2. Signs may be located on private property or in public right-of-way except state highways or routes subject to the following conditions:

a. The sign is not placed in a location that is hazardous to public safety, obstructs clear vision in the area or interferes with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act;

b. The sign contains the name and telephone number of the candidate or campaign committee contact person;

c. Installation of a sign on any structure owned by the Town is prohibited.

3. Said signs shall not be erected earlier than sixty (60) days prior to an election nor removed later than fifteen (15) days after an election.

4. No political signs will be permitted in public right of way in “sign free zones” as adopted by the Town Council in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute (ARS 16-1019). See Section 7-140 for a map of the ‘Political Sign Free Zones’.

H. Portable Signs:

1. Permitted in the Commercial and Central Business Districts with the following restrictions:

a. Maximum size is six (6) square feet.

b. Signs shall be non-reflective.

c. Information on signs shall be current.

d. Signs shall be of sufficient weight and durability to withstand wind gusts and storms so as not to blow over or become airborne.

e. The portable sign shall not count towards the maximum allowable sign area calculation for the use.

f. One portable sign is allowed per business.

g. No more than three portable signs are allowed per 50-feet of linear street frontage.

h. The sign shall be placed on the property being identified or within the right-of-way directly in front of and immediately abutting the property location.

i. No sign shall be located within the visibility triangle as defined in Section 7-100.

j. One five (5) foot wide pedestrian passage way must be maintained around signs on a public sidewalk.

k. Off-premise portable signs are not permitted.

l. No attachments to a portable sign are permitted.

m. Portable signs shall be displayed only during the posted hours the business is open.

n. The Town reserves the right to prohibit the use of portable signs by established businesses during special events in order to ensure public safety by providing full access to the sidewalk

o. Height shall not exceed four feet from ground.

I. Projecting:

1. Maximum height equals top of wall.

2. No signage shall extend over public property except in the Central Business district and in no case shall the bottom of the sign be nearer than 9 vertical feet to grade, nor shall the leading edge of the sign be nearer than 2 linear feet to the curb.

3. Maximum number equals one per business.

4. An agreement indemnifying the Town of Clarkdale from any liability is required if the sign projects over public right-of-way.

5. See Section 7-090 of this Code for maximum sign square footage.

6. Height shall not exceed top of wall.

J. Public Information not including political signs:

1. May be located on private or public property, including in municipal rights-of-way.

2. As permitted by law in furtherance of public safety, convenience or economic development.

3. Maximum height not to exceed 10 feet from existing grade at time of construction.

K. Real Estate:

1. Maximum size equal six (6) square feet.

2. On-site installation only.

L. Sign Walkers:

1. Sign walkers are permitted per Arizona Revised Statutes 9-499.13

2. No sign walker shall obstruct public right-of way.

3. Sign walkers shall only operate during hours of operation for a business being represented or during daylight hours when advertising a subdivision.

4. No throwing of signs in the air, or twirling, spinning or tossing of signs is permitted.

5. Signs shall be limited to no more than eight (8) feet in height.

6. Signs shall not block visibility of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

M. Special Events:

1. Portable and temporary signs may be used to advertise the Special Event and must comply with Section 7-070-H of this Code.

2. A maximum of 4 (four) portable and/or banner signs advertising the event are allowed.

3. An unlimited amount of directional signs are permitted.

4. Directional signs may be placed no sooner than twelve (12) hours before the event and shall be removed within two (2) hours after the event.

5. Banners and other temporary sings advertising the event may be placed on private property up to two weeks prior to the event.

N. Subdivision Advertising, Directional and Identification:

1. General: A master sign package for each development including type, number, size, locations, materials and colors of the various signs shall be approved by the Design Review Board prior to the issuance of a permit for any sign authorized under this section of the Code.

2. On-Site Subdivision Identification

a. One monument sign may be permitted at each entrance up to a maximum of 4 signs.

b. The maximum aggregate area of all entry signs shall be 160 square feet, with maximum size of any single sign not to exceed 50 square feet.

c. Maximum height shall equal 6 feet.

3. On-Site Advertising and Directional:

a. Maximum height shall equal 10 feet.

b. The edges of all signs shall be boxed.

c. Such signs shall be maintained until such time as 95% of the lots in the subdivision are sold, or the sales office closes, whichever occurs first.

d. Such signs shall not be located nearer than 50 feet from a lot containing an occupied residence.

4. Off-Site Advertising and Directional:

a. Such signs shall be located within 1.5 miles of the subdivision, on vacant property with the written permission of the property owner.

b. A maximum of 2 signs are permitted for each subdivision and shall not be located on a local street.

c. Each sign shall have a maximum area of 32 square feet and a maximum height of 8 feet, 6 feet in residential zone districts.

d. Such signs shall be maintained until such time as 95% of the lots in the subdivision are sold, or the sales office close, whichever occurs first.

5. Off-Site Weekend Directional Signs

a. Permits are established for each subdivision on an annual basis based on a site plan showing all proposed signs and locations.

b. Maximum of 8 signs per subdivision.

c. Maximum of 4 square feet per sign.

d. Signs shall not be installed before 4:00 p.m. on Friday and must be picked up by 10:00 a.m. on Monday, except when Monday is a holiday, then by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

e. Signs shall not be placed in the public right-of-way nor attached to any utility poles, street or regulatory signs, bridges, trees or similar objects.

f. Signs shall not be placed on private property without the written permission of the property owner.

g. Signs shall be located within 1.5 miles of the subdivision, separated by not less than 50 feet from any other sign and shall not exceed 3 feet in height.

O. Temporary Signs and Banners for Commercial Uses

1. Limited to the following:

a. 32 square feet maximum.

b. Maximum number equals one per street frontage per parcel.

2. Shall be placed on the property for which it advertises.

3. Shall be removed on or before the 30th day from date of the initial installation.

4. Temporary signs shall not count towards the maximum sign size calculation for commercial businesses as specified in Section 7-090 of this code.

5. No banners shall be hung across any public right-of-way unless specifically granted approval by the Town Manager or designee, or an authorized representative; upon a finding such placement will not be detrimental to public safety and provided such placement shall be for a period of 30 days or less.

6. All banners shall have wind slits.

7. A temporary sign permit is required prior to installation of the sign.

P. Wall

1. Maximum number equals one per approved wall area. An approved wall area, per Definitions, Chapter Two of the Town of Clarkdale Zoning Code is a wall facing a public street or containing the primary public access.

2. Maximum height equals top of wall to which affixed.

3. Maximum projection from wall surface equals 18 inches, with a minimum clearance of 9 vertical feet if located over a public right-of-way.

4. See Section 7-090 of this Code for maximum sign square footage.

Q. Window

1. No more than fifty percent of the window shall be used for signage.

2. No more than 25% of the allowable window signage shall be illuminated.

3. See Section 7-090 of this Code for maximum sign square footage.

R. Yard Sale

1. Must contain the date and address of the yard sale.

2. Must be removed within 72 hours of placement.

3. Shall be weighted so as to not fly around

4. Shall be located on private property.

5. Shall not exceed 4 square feet.

6. Shall not be attached to traffic control devises, utility poles or street signs.

S. 89A Overlay District

1. Signage shall be minimal and shall consist of either wall signs or monument signs. Wall signs shall not exceed eight feet in height and monument signs shall be no greater than four feet in height. (Prior code §  7-8)