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A. Nonconforming:

1. All non-conforming signs shall be brought into conformance with the provisions of this Code, either by removal or reconstruction within 10 days following receipt of official notice of a violation from the Town. Reconstruction, enlargement, relocation, extension, replacement or alteration of the structure of a nonconforming sign to any extent, except as permitted in Section 7-060-A-2 and 7-060-A-3 is not permitted unless it is brought into conformance with this Code.

2. A nonconforming sign which is destroyed or damaged to the extent of more than 50 percent of its net worth, at the time of damage, due to natural causes shall not be reconstructed except in conformance with this Code.

3. Any non-conforming sign destroyed or damaged to any extent by vandalism may be reconstructed to its original state within 3 months.

4. A nonconforming, on-site sign shall be considered abandoned when the property upon which it is located becomes vacant or unoccupied for a period of 6 consecutive months from the date of a utility disconnect or a documented inspection of the property for which it advertises. (Prior code §  7-6)