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A. Animated signs except as provided for in Section 7-080-A.

B. Electronic signs.

C. Signs with intermittent or flashing illumination except for neon signs. .

D. Roof signs.

E. Private signs in public right-of-way except political signs. See Section 7-080-G of this Code.

F. Signs emitting sound.

G. Signs resembling traffic control devices.

H. Signs painted on the exterior of fences or roofs.

I. Signs advertising facilities or events located outside the Town of Clarkdale.

J. Signs obstructing clear vision in any direction from any street intersection or driveway per Section 7-100.

K. Illuminated signs erected in such a location that a traffic signal is in a direct line of sight between the sign and on-coming traffic.

L. Signs employing lighting or a control mechanism which causes radio, radar or television interference.

M. Signs obstructing any fire escape, window, door or opening used or required as a means of ingress or egress for firefighting purposes.

N. Signs that are unsafe, dilapidated or not in use. (Prior code §  7-5)