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A. In the event a proposal is made to develop a parcel of land for residential, commercial or industrial purposes and in addition to the subdivision of the land, to construct all building, install all walks, drives, and planting and to offer for sale or lease elements of a project complete in every respect, the plans for such project need not conform to the lot and yard requirements. Plans to be approved under this Section must show:

1. Tentative subdivision plat;

2. Precise location and typical elevations of all proposed buildings & structures;

3. Existing and proposed grades and contours;

4. All walls and fences, all walks, drives, roadways, parking areas, and pavement of any kind;

5. Complete planting and irrigation plans;

6. Abstract of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s);

7. Abstract of documents pertaining to formation of owners association or similar group, if any;

8. Financial ability to complete or security;

9. Provisions to guarantee continual permanent maintenance of joint open areas; private street, walkways, service areas and parks of the project. (Prior code §  6-1)