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A. Minor deviations of the site plan may be approved by the Community Development Director or designee. Major deviations, from the originally approved site plan, shall be subject to re-application for a Conditional Use Permit.

B. Minor changes in the site plan may be approved by the Planning Director as long as such changes will not cause any of the following circumstances to occur:

1. A change in the character of the development.

2. An increase in the number of dwelling units.

3. A change that creates an increase in vehicular traffic.

4. A change of the vehicular ingress or egress patterns.

5. Proposed reduction to any of the required setbacks.

6. Proposed increase in % ground coverage as authorized by the zoning district.

7. Any proposed increase or reduction of the required off-street parking and loading spaces.

8. Proposed change necessitates public dedication of rights-of-way either as streets, alleys, public ways, drainage or utility easements. (Prior code §  5-11)