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(Revised by Ord #384; Res 1543; Adopted 5/9/17; Eff 6/9/17)

A. All Conditional Use Permits, including those that require that the applicant and/or developer obtain a building permit, shall meet minimum requirements of all Town ordinances, restrictions, regulations, and policies of the Town of Clarkdale which are in effect at the time of issuance of the Conditional Use Permit. Compliance with same is a condition of the use permit, including but are not limited to:

1. Consistency with the General Plan.

2. Sanitary waste improvements.

3. Street and/or sidewalk improvements.

4. Fire protection measures.

5. Utility service improvements.

6. Amount, type and location of outdoor lighting and signage.

7. Off-street parking area, aisles and access drives shall be designed and constructed so as to provide a durable, dustless surface.

8. Storm drainage improvements, based on a drainage report prepared by a licensed engineer, and approved by the Town Engineer.

9. Water service improvements.

10. Hours of operation.

11. Access.

12. Landscaping standards.

13. Compliance with applicable Federal, State and Local regulations.

14. Required Conditions for Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands Uses

a. A connection to Town of Clarkdale water system is required where connection is available within a reasonable distance as determined by the Town Manager or designated representative. If connection to the Town’s water system is not available, approval of Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands uses irrigating with well water will be considered on a case by case basis.

b. All water connections shall be metered.

c. All Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands Uses shall be set back 25 feet from adjoining property lines when abutting residentially-zoned property.

d. Drip/Micro Irrigation and on-site drainage shall incorporate Best Management Practices and not impact surrounding properties.

e. Non-chemical pest control, such as the use of beneficial predators, beneficial parasitoids and biochemical methods, is strongly encouraged.

f. A Conditional Use Permit application for Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands Uses shall include the following elements:

i. A detailed site plan of the proposal showing all required setbacks, proposed and existing buildings and structures and proposed access and easements.

ii. A comprehensive low water use plan incorporating best practices.

iii. An integrated pest management (IPM) plan. All chemicals shall be contained to the property under cultivation.

iv. If fertilizer and soil amendments are proposed, a plan outlining use shall be included.

v. A dust control plan incorporating best management practices per Clarkdale Town Code shall be provided. Only non-potable water shall be used for dust control measures.

g. Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands Uses shall be based on consideration of the impacts to the environment and adjacent property owners.


All Agriculture Tourism, Agritourism Enterprise and Croplands Uses shall comply with federal regulations, Arizona State Regulations and the Arizona Department of Agriculture rules and regulations. (Prior code §  5-6)