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A. In order to make recommendations on a Conditional Use Permit, the Planning Commission should make findings based on the following elements (as applies to that particular case):

1. Applicable Regulations: Those conditions necessary to assure compatibility of the development of the land in question will be consistent with the purpose of the Zoning Ordinance, Town of Clarkdale General Plan, other statutes, and any ordinance or policies that may be applicable.

2. Bulk Regulations: The site is adequate in size and topography to accommodate proposed use, population density, building height, lot coverage, setbacks, spaces, landscaping, fences, and parking. That these elements are compatible with the general character of development in the vicinity of the proposed conditional use and are adequate to properly relate the proposed use with the existing land uses in the vicinity.

3. Performance: That the location, design and operation characteristics of the proposed use are such that it will have minimal adverse impact on the livability, public health, safety, welfare, or convenience on persons residing or working in the vicinity, to adjacent property, to the neighborhood or to the public welfare in general.

4. Traffic Impacts: The provisions for ingress and egress, public streets and traffic circulation are adequate, or can be upgraded through street improvements as a condition of approval.

5. Landscaping: Landscaping, and/or fencing of the proposed development, assures that the site development will be compatible with adjoining areas and with the intent of Town policies.

6. Nuisance: That the proposed use will not create a hazard to persons and property from possible explosion, contamination, fire or flood. That the use will not create a nuisance arising from, but not limited to noise, smoke, odors, dust, vibration, signage or illumination. (Prior code §  5-5)