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If the permit request is denied by the commission, and the property owner and/or applicant desires a review before the Town Council, the property owner and/or applicant must file a written request for a review with the Town Community Development Director within fifteen (15) days after the Commission action.

When the request for the review is filed with the Community Development Director, the notice of the time and place of the hearing including a general explanation and the general location of the matter to be reconsidered, shall be given in the same manner noted in the aforementioned Section 5-030, A1. a-d. Council shall evaluate the request at the next possible meeting (after public notice requirements are satisfied), and may affirm, reverse, or modify in whole or in part, the decision of the Commission. Notice shall be given to the Planning Commission of the request for a review, and the Commission shall submit a report to the Town Council setting forth the reasons for its action taken. The Commission may be represented at the hearing by the Chairperson of the Planning Commission or their designee.

If the Town Council makes a decision to grant a previously denied permit request, the Town Council may designate such conditions in connection with the permit as it deems necessary to secure the intent and purpose of this ordinance and conformity to the Town General Plan by requiring such guarantees and evidence that such conditions are being, or will be complied with.

The Town Council’s decision shall be final and shall become effective immediately. Notice of the decision shall be mailed to the property owner and/or applicant at the address shown on the application. (Prior code §  5-4)