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(Created 10/9/12 by Resolution 1414 – Ordinance 344; Effective 11/9/2012)

A. Purpose: To ensure that every golf course be developed and managed with consideration for the unique conditions of the ecosystem of which it is a part, and specifically to ensure that no depletions to the aquifer occur from the irrigation of golf courses, and to encourage the use or reuse of effluent.

B. General Requirements: The following requirements shall apply to the development and processing of golf courses in conjunction with a Planned Area Development proposal or any other golf course development:

1. Applicant will be required to submit plans that demonstrate that the proposed project meets the standards set by the Arizona Department of Water Resource for golf courses in the Active Management Areas including limiting water usage to no more than five (5 ) irrigated acres per hole times the turf water allotment presented in the water allotment table.

2. Applicant to obtain a report of physical availability of water from the Arizona Department of Water Resources demonstrating an adequate water supply for the entire development including the golf course prior to recording the Final Plan/Final Site Plan and prior to construction of the golf course.

3. Applicant to demonstrate that the proposed development will be of an appropriate size and scale and reasonable or appropriate for a given area to generate sufficient effluent or re-use water to meet the entire irrigation needs of the golf course or demonstrate that an alternative supply of effluent or other renewable source of water will be available.

4. Applicant will be required to submit a water balance study to demonstrate that sufficient water supply other than groundwater will be available for use on the golf course. The format and standard assumptions and criteria will be used as a guide to complete the water balance study. These format and standard assumptions and criteria are attached in Section 4-170-040.

5. Applicant will be required to conduct a monitoring program as it pertains to surface water and groundwater quality and quantity. The monitoring program will be developed in concert with the appropriate approval authorities.

6. Applicant will be required to conduct monitoring program as it pertains to the performance of the wastewater treatment plant including effluent discharge quality and quantity for review and approval by the Community Development Department and Building staff or other appropriate agencies. (Prior code §  4-17-1)