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(Created 2/14/12 by Resolution 1388 – Ordinance 342; Effective 3/14/2012)

A. Purpose and intent: This section shall apply to the establishment, operation and maintenance of all sidewalk/outdoor café dining areas accessory and incidental to lawful restaurants/dining establishments within the Town’s rights-of-way directly in front of and or adjacent to the specific business to which they pertain. The purpose of this section is to promote general economic development, protect the public health, safety and general welfare and the atmosphere of the Town for the benefit of all businesses and our citizens and visitors. No rights of individuals or individual businesses are created therein.

B. Definitions:

1. Furniture means tables, umbrellas, chairs, benches or other objects used for the purpose of seating or of supporting the dining business.

2. Sidewalk cafe means a dining experience created within a portion of the public right-of-way kept, used, maintained and held out to the public as a place for sidewalk dining, where food, beverages or other refreshments are served for consumption on the premises adjacent to a business licensed to operate as an eating and/or refreshment establishment.

3. Removable barrier or barrier means a physical separator that can easily be lifted and moved immediately without the assistance of tools.

4. Sidewalk means that area of public right-of-way between the curb lines or the lateral lines of a roadway and the adjacent property lines reserved for pedestrian traffic, not including street crossings.

5. Operator means the persons or businesses permitted to operate a specific sidewalk café.

6. Applicant means persons or businesses applying for a permit to operate a specific sidewalk café.

C. Permit required and fees: An annual permit issued by the Town to operate a sidewalk café is required and may be issued only to a business that holds all current Federal, State and local licenses required to operate said business wishing to establish a sidewalk cafe on the public or private property directly adjacent to the business to be used by the general public.

1. Permit application: The application shall contain the following information:

a. The name, home and business address, email address, and telephone number of the applicant/operator, and the name, email address, telephone number and address of the owner/operator of the business, if other than the applicant.

b. The name, home address, email address, and telephone number of a responsible person whom the Town may notify or contact at any time concerning the applicant’s permit.

c. A copy of the current business license to operate a business establishment which is the subject of the application.

d. A statement of how the sidewalk dining area will be supervised and maintained.

e. Proof of current liability insurance, issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Arizona, protecting the licensee and the Town from all claims for damage to property and bodily injury, including death, which may arise from operation under or in connection with the sidewalk dining permit. Such insurance shall name the Town as an additional insured and shall provide that the policy shall not terminate or be canceled prior to the expiration date without 30 days’ advanced written notice to the Town.

f. Two copies and an original sketch to scale of the proposed location showing the layout and dimensions of the proposed sidewalk cafe area.

g. Proof of any required permit from the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Controls.

h. Photographs, drawings, or manufacturer’s brochures fully describing the appearance of all proposed dining area furniture or other objects related to the operation of the sidewalk dining area by the applicant.

i. Non-refundable annual fee as shown in the Town of Clarkdale fee schedule. The applicant must pay necessary water and or sewer capacity fees for additional seats within the sidewalk dining area. In addition the applicant must pay monthly sewer fees as agreed in order for the permit to remain valid. Failure to pay sewer fees as agreed shall result in the immediate revocation of the permit.

2. Permit process. All sidewalk café applications shall be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Board (DRB) prior to commencement of operations of the sidewalk café. DRB application fees are one time unless the operator wishes to make significant changes i.e. to the approved layout such as increasing the number of tables or area of service or overall theme/design of the café. Appeals of the application decision by the Design Review Board may be made by the Applicant to the Town Council within 15 days of the meeting at which the decision is made.

D. Furniture: Use furniture and any other objects of such quality, design, materials, and workmanship that are approved or otherwise authorized by the Design Review Board, including but not limited to barriers, umbrellas, chairs, and tables made of fire retardant and/or pressure treated materials and that can be properly secured/weighted to withstand strong winds. Umbrellas, chairs or tables with advertising, signage or other writing on them are not allowed.

E. Signage: One temporary, single-sided sign not exceeding six square feet in area, non-illuminated and displayed at a height not exceeding four feet, shall be permitted. The wording of such temporary sign shall be limited to the name of the business operating the sidewalk cafe and may state the items and prices of food offered for sale. The temporary sign shall be placed within the permitted area and shall not be placed on the adjacent building or on any permanent structure and shall be displayed only while the sidewalk café is open and operating. The following types of signs and decorations are prohibited: Signs painted or lettered on banner-type material; moving, fluttering and flapping pennants, flags, balloons and similar decorations.

F. Hours: Sidewalk cafes may operate during the regular business hours of the restaurant operating the sidewalk café, but no later than 11:00 p.m. No orders for food and/or beverages shall be taken after 10:00 p.m. for service at the sidewalk cafe.

G. Lighting: Lighting shall be that from the existing business or street lamps. For safety reasons, no extension cords or free standing temporary lighting will be permitted. Battery operated lights attached to the umbrella poles so as to minimize impact on dark skies and adjacent properties will be permitted.

H. Other restrictions:

1. No outdoor cooking of any type is permitted within the sidewalk café area.

2. No amplified music is permitted within the sidewalk café area. Single acoustic instruments such as a guitar will be allowed so long as musicians have a contractual arrangement with the owner

3. Liquor Service. Each sidewalk cafe serving alcoholic beverages shall provide all services in compliance with relevant local, state, and federal laws, including but not limited to the compliance with State Liquor License requirements and the verification of the legal drinking age of all patrons. No alcoholic beverages shall be removed from the sidewalk café in which they were served. Food service shall be available at all times commensurate with alcohol service. The operator of the sidewalk café shall comply with all barriers as may be required with an extension of premises of the relevant liquor license.

4. Health Codes Compliance. Each sidewalk café shall ensure compliance with all applicable County Health Codes and obtain any necessary extension/expansion permits required by the County.

5. Trash removal. The operator of the sidewalk café shall ensure all trash is removed from the sidewalk café area at the close of operating hours daily.

6. Sidewalk Café Location Restrictions. The café shall not block or restrict the sidewalk to less than applicable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements or block the ingress/egress to any building. Also, no items shall be placed so as to block any doorway, driveway, crosswalk, or counter service window. Clearances should take into consideration nearest immovable object on the sidewalk.

7. Smoking. The availability of smoking areas shall be in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

8. Any outdoor heating devices need Fire District and Building Official review and approval.

I. Indemnity & Liability: As part of the permitting process set forth herein, any person or entity receiving a permit set forth herein shall execute an indemnity agreement indemnifying and releasing the Town of Clarkdale, its agents, employees and elected officials from any and all liability against any and all claims, actions and suits of any type whatsoever. The Town shall not be liable to any permittee or any license holder for any damage, loss, inconvenience, business interruption, demolition, loss of business. (Prior code §  4-16)