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A. Cornices, canopies, eaves, or any architectural features may extend into a front yard for a distance not to exceed two (2) feet, six (6) inches.

B. A landing or uncovered porch may extend into the front yard to a distance of six (6) feet measured from the front line of the building, across one-half (½) the width of the lot.

C. Open, unroofed stairs leading from the ground to said landing or porch may project beyond the said six (6) feet. An open-work railing no higher than three (3) feet may be placed around said landing or porch. Outside stairways, unroofed and unenclosed, shall not project more than four (4) feet into any rear yard or side yard, or be closer than three (3) feet to any lot line. Terraces, steps, uncovered porches, or other similar features not over three (3) feet above the average natural grade and distant at least five (5) feet from every lot line, may project into a required side yard.

D. In the R4A zoning districts the stairs leading from the ground to the landing shall be installed to ensure pedestrian traffic be directed away from the street adjacent to the structure. Landings and stairs shall be permitted to encroach on the established ten (10) foot side yard setback a maximum of three (3) feet. (Prior code §  4-10)