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A. Accessory Structures Standards

1. Accessory structures, if permitted in a district, are approved, provided:

a. They are not in a front yard.

b. They shall be distant at least three (3) feet from all alley lines.

c. They shall be distant at least three (3) feet from adjoining lot lines with exception of zone R1A, where they may be distant at zero (0) feet from all alley lines.

d. They are not erected more than six (6) months prior to the erection of the principal building.

e. They are located as specified in a Conditional Use Permit.

f. They do not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height.

2. Multiple dwelling units are required to have storage facilities as follows:

a. Minimum of twenty-four (24) square feet per unit.

b. One (1) side must be at least four (4) lineal feet.

c. Minimum of one (1) exterior entrance.

d. Conform to all other requirements of codes in effect. (Prior code §  4-1)