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Per the 2012 Clarkdale General Plan: ‘The context of a place considers its history as well as its future.’

Properties within the Clarkdale Arts & Entertainment District shall closely consider the surrounding context of the existing structures when designing new or remodeled buildings. Incorporation of the following features is recommended:

Establishment of a relationship to adjoining spaces

Continuity of street scape along Main Street through inclusion of benches and appropriate landscaping

Brick façades and/or partial brick inlays

Clerestory windows

A strong pedestrian connection to existing sidewalks or extension of the sidewalk system

A main entrance from a public sidewalk

Rounded arches

Large storefront windows

Varied roof lines

Where feasible, as determined during the Site Plan Review process, new development in the Arts & Entertainment District shall conform to the following standards:

Place public parking behind buildings or participate in the development of new central public parking areas.

The front yard setback shall be reduced to zero if the main building abuts a public sidewalk.

Landscaping shall include shade trees along the front boundary. These trees shall be from the approved plant list in Chapter Nine of the Zoning Code.

All other development and performance standards are as found in the underlying zoning district. (Prior code §  3-16-3)