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A. Principal Uses Permitted: (Not requiring a use permit).

1. Manufactured Home Rental Parks

2. Manufactured Homes and Manufactured Home Subdivisions

3. Single Family Homes

B. Accessory Uses Permitted: (Not requiring a use permit).

1. Accessory Uses or structures customarily incident to any use permitted by this section as private garages, carports, utility rooms, and recreation facilities, and home occupations governed by the provisions in Section 4-110.

C. Conditional Uses Permitted: (Requiring a use permit).

1. Home occupations which do not adhere to the provisions in Section 4-110.

2. Public utilities-but only where substantial public service and convenience would result from the use and there is absence of danger or annoyance to nearby property owners and residents.

3. Medical Marijuana Caregiver Facility. (Created Ordinance #331 - Effective 04/08/11)

a. Applicant is required to obtain a Home Occupation License.

D. Maximum Building Height:

1. One story front elevation, but not to exceed 18 feet.

E. Minimum Lot Size:

1. Manufactured Home Rental Park 5,000 square feet

2. Manufactured home Subdivision 8,000 square feet

F. Maximum Floor Area Ratio: .4

G. Minimum Lot Frontage: 30 feet.

H. Minimum Lot Area Per Dwelling: 3,000 feet

I. Minimum Average Lot Width: 50 feet

J. Minimum Yards Required For Manufactured Home Subdivision:

Front- 15 feet

Side- 10 feet

Side adjacent to street-10 feet

Rear- 15 feet

For Manufactured Home Rental Parks:

Front- 15 feet

Side- 10 feet

Side adjacent to street-10 feet

Rear- 10 feet

K. Signs: Sign requirements for this zone are outlined in Section 7.

L. Use of Manufactured Homes in Manufactured Home Subdivision and Lots:

1. When authorized as provided elsewhere herein, such Manufactured Homes and their uses shall comply with the following requirements: Manufactured Homes shall be modern, minimum manufactured size, twelve (12) feet minimum width, fifty (50) feet minimum length, used as a dwelling for not more than one family unit, and shall be located on the site in accordance with the requirements for a permanent building, they shall be blocked up off the ground in a safe manner so that utility connections will not be rendered unsafe by settlements; they shall be connected to Town sewer and water systems or as required by Town ordinance; accessory buildings and permanent add-ons shall be permitted as provided elsewhere, in the District in which located.

2. All Manufactured Homes located in the Town for a duration of thirty (30) days or more shall be skirted within said thirty (30) day period with material similar in appearance to the material used for siding on the Manufactured Home. The skirting shall completely enclose the space under the Manufactured Home.

3. Manufactured Homes shall, within thirty days after installation, be provided with anchors and tie-downs adequate to secure stability and prevent shifting. Owners of Manufactured Homes shall, within thirty (30) days after installation, secure an inspection of tie-down and anchors from the Town’s Building Official.

4. Floor Area, for the purpose of this Ordinance, shall include permanently constructed enclosed cabanas which are attached to the Manufactured Home and used as living quarters.

M. Standards or Manufactured Home Rental Parks: (Excluding Manufactured Home Subdivisions).

1. Site Area Required:

a. Minimum size: five (5) acres.

b. For each trailer space, 5,000 square feet of gross site area per trailer space.

2. Separation Requirements:

a. A Manufactured Home or any part thereof shall not be closer than fifteen (15) feet to any building or structure or encroach upon any required yard or driveway.

b. A Manufactured Home or any part thereof shall not be closer than twenty-five (25) feet to any other Manufactured Home or part thereof if face to face, and if end to end, twelve (12) feet, except a temporary cabana having no side walls of any type may be erected and attached to a Manufactured Home, provided such temporary cabana shall not be closer than five (5) feet to any other Manufactured Home or occupy or encroach upon any portion of any required yard or driveway.

3. Driveways:

All driveways shall be dust free and have a minimum width of twenty-four (24) feet, except when a driveway is located between Manufactured Home parking spaces, it shall have a minimum width of thirty (30) feet.

4. Plan Engineering and Traffic Engineering:

All plans and traffic engineering shall be subject to approval of the Town Engineer and shall be based upon the spacing and maneuverability requirements for sixty (60) foot long Manufactured Homes.

5. Certificate of Occupancy and Business License:

No certificate of occupancy or business license shall be issued unless and until the following requirements have been met:

a. Unless and until thirty (30) percent of the trailer spaces planned in any part, or ten (10) such trailer spaces whichever is greater, shall have been completely prepared constructed and equipped for use in all respects and unless and until such portion of the trailer park’s community facilities in the category of, but not limited to, driveways, laundry facilities, bath, wash and toilet rooms as the Planning Commission may require, shall have been completely prepared, constructed, and equipped for use in all respects.

b. A plan or permit for screening shall be reviewed and approved by the Building Inspector prior to final issuance of Certificate or License. (Prior code §  3-7)