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A. Principal Use Permitted: (Not requiring a use permit).

1. Single family dwellings, excluding mobile or manufactured homes.

2. Publicly owned or operated park, playground or community building.

3. Installation for sewer, water, gas, electric and telephone main lines and incidental appurtenances, excluding electrical substations and treatment plants.

4. Family Day Care Homes located on a public street.

5. Bed and Breakfast establishments in conformance with Section 4-150.

6. Cultivation, possession, consumption, processing, manufacturing, and transportation of recreational marijuana at an individual’s primary residence for personal use, subject to additional regulations in Town Code Article 10-2, Smoking, and Article 8-8, Recreational Marijuana, and Chapter 4-230, Recreational and Medical Marijuana, herein. (Created by Ordinance #409 on 11-10-20; Effective 12-10-20)

B. Accessory Uses Permitted: (Not requiring a use permit).

1. Accessory uses, buildings or structures customarily incident to any use permitted by this section such as servant or guest quarters, private garages, private workshops, and home occupations governed by the provisions of Section 4-110.

C. Conditional Uses Permitted: (Required a use permit).

1. Home Occupations which do not adhere to the provisions of Section 4-110.

2. Group Day Care Homes located on a public street.

3. Churches, Synagogues, or other places of worship on lots of at least 43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) and located on a public street.

4. Golf Courses, Country Clubs including social and dining activities.

5. Cemeteries.

6. Medical Marijuana Caregiver Facility. (Created Ordinance #331 - Effective 04/08/11)

a. Applicant is required to obtain a Home Occupation License.

D. Building Height Limitation: 2 ½ stories, not to exceed 35 feet.

E. Maximum Lot Coverage Ratio: 0.2

F. Minimum Lot Size: 43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) per single family dwelling unit.

G. Minimum Lot Frontage: 100 feet.

H. Minimum Average Lot Width: 140 feet.

I. Minimum Yard Area Standards: Front - 30 feet

Side - 10 feet

Rear - 30 feet

J. Signs: Sign standards for this district are stated in Section 7. (Revised by Ordinance #409; prior code §  3-3)