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A. Building Permits. No structure shall be erected, added to, or structurally altered, until a permit therefore has been issued by the Building Official, as required by the Building Code of the Town of Clarkdale. All applications for such permits shall be in accordance with the requirements of this Ordinance.

B. Certificates of Occupancy, Non-Conforming Use:

1. No existing use of land, on the date this Ordinance becomes effective, shall be modified and no structure hereafter erected, altered or extended, shall be used or changed in use, until a Certificate of Occupancy shall have been issued by the Building Official certifying that the land and the structure or proposed use thereof complies with the provisions of this Ordnance.

2. No non-conforming use shall be maintained, renewed, changed, or extended without a Certificate of Occupancy having first been issued by the Building Official, therefore.

3. All Certificates of Occupancy shall be applied for coincident with the application for a building permit. Said certificate shall be issued within fifteen (15) days after the erection or alteration shall have been approved.

4. The Building Official shall maintain a record of all certificates. Copies shall be furnished, upon request and payment of a reasonable fee, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy interest in the structure or land affected.

5. No permit for excavation, erection, alteration, or repair for any structure shall be issued until an application has been made for a Certificate of Occupancy.

6. Under such conditions as set by the Board of Adjustment a temporary Certificate of Occupancy for not more than thirty (30) days for structures or land may be issued.

7. All appropriate certificates of use shall be issued for those uses in existence at the time this Ordinance was adopted or at the time any new use is established under this Ordinance.

C. Board of Adjustment: The Board of Adjustment shall have all the duties and powers as stated in Article 17-2-2 of the Town Code. (Prior code §  13-1)