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A. All improvements, whether public or private, shall be constructed to the latest standards and specifications adopted by the Town.

B. All improvements in the public right-of-way shall be constructed under the inspection and approval of the Town Engineer and/or the Director of Public Works and/or Utilities Departments. Construction shall not commence until a permit has been issued for such construction. Work shall not be discontinued or suspended unless first approved by the Town and work shall not resume prior to notification and approval of the Town.

C. All underground utilities to be installed in the street shall be constructed prior to the surfacing of such street.

D. All relocations and reconstruction of irrigation facilities shall be done to standards of the owning utility and the Town Engineer.

E. Improvements proposed or required on County or State highway right-of-way shall be included in the improvement plans and designed to the applicable County or State standards. Prior to approval by the Town Engineer, the subdivider shall acquire the approval of such improvements by the applicable County or State authorities, as directed by the Town Engineer.

F. Underground utilities may be extended and easements shall be required to the boundaries of the plat to provide service connections to abutting unsubdivided land. (Prior code §  12-7-3)