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The following roadway standards shall be used in the consideration of Minor Subdivisions. In all other respects the Design Principles will be the same as for any other roadway within a subdivision.

Between 2 and 3 lots -

Private Street Standard expanded to include a twenty-five foot (25’) right-of-way.

From 4 to 6 lots -

Rural Lane Standard

From 7 to 10 lots -

Rural Local Standard

Roadways required as outlined above shall be provided along the entire frontage of the lots being created and must be provided with required right-of-ways that are dedicated and constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Subdivision Regulations following the approval of Council of the Final Plat and prior to the issuance of any building permits for the lots. Each of the deeds created for the resulting lots must carry a notation pointing out the responsibility of the property owner to improve the roadway to the required standard prior to issuance of building permit. All new roadways to be dedicated to the Town must be constructed to the minimum requirements as approved by the Town Engineer and the Director of Public Works and/or Utilities Departments.

Any lots created that would have their frontage on what is indicated in the General Plan of the Town of Clarkdale (as it may be amended) as existing or proposed Collector or Arterial streets shall provide the minimum right-of-way for that street type.

All street right-of-ways shall also include an adjacent minimum eight foot (8’) Public Utility Easement, on one (1) side for the entire length of the street segment. (Prior code §  12-6-11)