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A. All Lot Line Adjustments shall be developed to comply with all requirements for the specific zoning district in which the divisions are located. At a minimum, these will include meeting the following, if applicable:

1. Minimum lot size

2. Minimum lot width

3. Minimum setbacks

4. Minimum yard or frontage requirements

5. Lot coverage and floor area ratio

B. No Lot Line Adjustment shall result in more dwelling units than are permitted by the zoning district for which the lot or parcel is located.

C. No Lot Line Adjustment shall results in a split zoning classification on a single lot or parcel.

D. No Lot Line Adjustment shall result in the creation of a non-conforming structure or use.

E. No Lot Line Adjustment shall result in a lack of legal access to any lots or parcels created by the division. (Prior code §  12-6-8)