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A. Pre-Application Process.

1. The applicant shall meet with the Director to discuss the proposed Minor Land Division. The Director shall advise the applicant of the specific objectives of this Section and the specific procedures, standards, and approval process regarding the review of the application.

B. Submittal of Application to the Community Development Department.

1. The Director, or their designee, shall check all submittals to ensure the application complies with the objectives and standards of this Ordinance and the General Plan. It shall be the responsibility of the Community Development Department to ensure all relevant departments, utilities, and other agencies receive copies for review. The following information is required at the time of application:

a. Completed application form

b. Application fee

c. Completed land division survey as noted in Section 12-5-040-4-A.2 above.

d. The chain of title or history of the ownership of the parcel proposed to be split.

C. Decision of Director.

1. Upon receipt of a completed application, the Director, or their designee, shall approve or deny the Permit within thirty (30) days. A denial may be based only upon one (1) or more, of the following findings:

a. Parcels resulting from the division do not conform to applicable zoning regulations.

b. The division of land results in a subdivision as defined in the Subdivision Regulations.

c. One (1), or more, of the resulting parcels are landlocked.

D. Appeals.

1. Appeals to the Board of Adjustment may be taken by any applicant aggrieved by a decision of any administrative office made in the enforcement of these regulations.

E. Actions after Approval: If approved, the applicant shall submit the following:

1. Two copies, plus one digital copy, of a final, recordable, reproducible, mylar map twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches (24" x 36") consistent with the approved plan showing all lot, tract or parcel corners, dimensions, a complete legal description of the site and of each lot, track or parcel, and signature block for the Director.

2. Upon written approval by the Director, applicant shall record the Minor Land Division map with the Yavapai County Recorder’s Office. Said recording shall occur within sixty (60) days of approval, or the Minor Land Division shall automatically become null and void. A copy of the recorded land division shall be provided to the Community Development Department after being recorded. (Prior code §  12-6-5)