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This section outlines the minimum information needed to enable the Town to make informed and expeditious decisions regarding applications for Minor Land Divisions. Unless exempted by the Director, the information contained in this Section shall be provided by each applicant. All mapped data shall be drawn to a scale of not greater than one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100'). Unless otherwise directed, the map data will be drawn on a sheet not to exceed twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches (24" x 36").

A. Minor Land Divisions:

1. Completed Minor Land Divisions Application

2. Two (2) paper copies and one (1) digital copy of a Minor Land Divisions Survey from a land surveyor registered in the State of Arizona) containing the following information:

a. Title, which shall read “Minor Land Division Map for “(name of applicant)”.

b. Location by section, township, and range.

c. Legal description of land involved.

d. Name, address, email address and phone number of applicant and/or owner.

e. Scale, north point, and dates of preparation and revisions.

f. Existing streets (public or private), utility easements, and lot or parcel lines.

g. Name, address, registration number, and seal of the registered land surveyor preparing the map.

h. Boundaries of the tract to be divided fully balanced and closed showing all bearings and distances determined by an accurate survey in the field. All dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals.

i. Location and dimensions of all lots within the Minor Land Division Map. All sides of the proposed lots shall be identified by bearing and distances.

j. All lots shall be identified by number or letter.

k. Proposed street dedications or private access easements, as well as public utility easements, shall be identified by course, length and width.

l. If questions pertaining to property boundaries develop, the Community Development Department may require location of all existing physical and natural features, including, but not limited to, buildings, structures, bridges, culverts, within the Minor Land Division boundaries. The applicant shall also identify any of those features which are to be removed.

m. The map shall include provisions for signatures by the Director and the Town Engineer and the date of approval.

n. Identify any public utility extensions or upgrades, when required, to serve proposed land division.

o. Any ingress or street improvements necessary to ensure compliance with emergency vehicle access, dust abatement, and drainage improvements necessary to mitigate any negative effects on current public infrastructure adjacent to and/or fronting the proposed land division.

p. Other information as deemed applicable by the Director to enable the Town to determine the compliance of the Minor Land Division with applicable ordinances and regulations.

3. Payment of a fee for review of the application.

4. Documentation of the land division history of the parcel proposed to be divided in the form of a chain of title or a history of the ownership of the parcel proposed to be split, dating back to December 12, 1986, the effective date of the Code; the chain of title or history of ownership shall be provided so as to determine whether or not the proposed land split constitutes a subdivision. Such documentation shall be presented by a recognized title company doing business in the state of Arizona in the form of a title history search, copies of deeds, or County Assessor’s records and maps. (Prior code §  12-6-4)