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The Subdivision Committee shall recommend for approval, conditional approval, or denial of the proposed Minor Subdivision Plat, as proposed, after considering the recommendations and findings of the Director and all other appropriate agencies, and testimony of the applicant.

A. Recommendation for approval by the Subdivision Committee shall be based on the following findings:

1. The proposed subdivision conforms to the adopted goals, objectives and policies of the Town.

2. The proposed subdivision, as reviewed and approved, will not be detrimental to the public health, safety, and general welfare.

3. Environmental concerns conform to adopted standards.

4. The design of the proposed subdivision is sensitive to the physical characteristics of the site.

5. The proposed subdivision is consistent with provisions and intents of Zoning Code requirements applicable to the property.

6. The proposed subdivision conforms to the improvement standards and design standards set forth in these Regulations and other applicable Town, County, State and Federal regulations.

B. If satisfied all objectives of these Regulations have been met, the Subdivision Committee shall recommend approval of the Minor Subdivision Plat. The Planning Commission Chair or designee shall sign one (1) copy of the Minor Subdivision Plat as recognition of approval and return to the subdivider. After recommending approval, the staff will notify the Town Clerk to schedule a public hearing on the matter before the Council, no sooner than twenty-one (21) days nor later than forty-six (46) days after the date of the Subdivision Committee’s action.

C. If the Minor Subdivision Plat is generally acceptable but requires minor revision(s), the Subdivision Committee shall recommend for conditional approval, with the required revisions being noted in the meeting minutes. The staff will forward a copy of the minutes with the copies of the Minor Subdivision Plat to the Council.

D. If the Subdivision Committee finds the Minor Subdivision Plat requires major revision, the case shall be held over pending revision, re-submittal, processing and rescheduling for review. (Prior code §  12-5-4)