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A. The Director shall distribute copies of the plat to the following:

1. Subdivision Committee:

a. Director of Community Development

b. Director of Public Works and/or Utilities Departments

c. Planning Commission Chair or designee.

d. Town Engineer

e. Police Department

2. The Yavapai County Flood Control District for review of flood control and drainage measures.

3. The Yavapai County Environmental Services for review of sewage disposal proposal.

4. Representatives of local utilities for review.

5. Where the land abuts a State Highway, to the Arizona Department of Transportation for recommendations regarding right-of-way and intersection design.

6. Clarkdale Fire District

B. The reviewers may be requested to transmit their recommendations to the Director in writing. The Director will then summarize the recommendations, prepare a report and present it to the Committee. (Prior code §  12-5-3)