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A. The “Pre-Application Conference” stage of subdivision planning comprises an investigatory period which precedes actual preparation of preliminary plans by the subdivider. During this stage the subdivider makes intentions know to the Town and is advised of specific public objectives related to the subject tract and other details regarding platting procedures and requirements.

B. Actions by the subdivider: The subdivider shall meet informally with the Community Development Department to present a general outline of the proposal, including but not limited to:

1. Two (2) paper copies and one electronic copy of the sketch plans that includes: the name of the development, location by Section, Township and Range with reference to section corners and quarter corners, land use, street and lot arrangement, tentative lot sizes, existing improvements, major washes and drainage ways, known flood hazards, generalized land use in the vicinity, documented historical or archeological resources, and proposed bikeways, trails, open space, parks, and recreation facilities.

2. Tentative proposals regarding water supply, sewage disposal, surface drainage and street improvements.

3. Information regarding legal problems which are associated with the property, if any.

C. Actions by Community Development Department (CDD): The CDD will discuss the proposal with the subdivider and advise him/her of procedural steps, design and improvement standards, and general plat requirements. Then depending on the scope of the proposed development, the CDD will proceed with the following investigations:

1. Check existing zoning of the tract and make recommendations if a zoning change is necessary or desirable.

2. Determine the adequacy of existing or proposed schools, parks and other public places.

3. Inspect the site or otherwise determine the relationship to major streets, utility systems, and adjacent land uses and to determine any unusual problems such as topography, utilities, flooding, etc.

D. Upon the conclusion of Stage I activities, the subdivider shall prepare a Memorandum of Understanding. It shall be formally acknowledged in writing by all parties. The Memorandum of Understanding shall include all items discussed. (Prior code §  12-4-2)