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A. Easements for utilities shall be provided as necessary to assure the provision of services to each lot.

1. The developer will provide to the Director written documentation of approval by the utilities with respect to easements.

B. Drainage easements shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer and the County Flood Control District. In no case shall drainage easements be less than twenty feet (20’) in width. Such easements shall not necessarily prohibit construction over drainage ways as long as required flows are maintained.

C. Easements necessary to assure non-motorized access to adjacent public lands may be required to the satisfaction of the Commission. Such easement shall not exceed ten feet (10’) in width and shall be located so as to not preclude reasonable development.

D. Where alleys are provided, a sufficiently sized refuse container easement may be required as determined by the Director.

E. Increased right-of-way widths and slope easements may be required by the Town Engineer if drainage calculations show the need. (Prior code §  12-3-10)