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The provisions of this Section shall apply to all subdivisions which are located wholly or partially within the Town of Clarkdale. Every subdivision shall conform to the goals and objectives of the General Plan, the Zoning Code, the Town Code and the Arizona Revised Statutes and, to the greatest degree possible, the following goals:

to insure adequate traffic circulation through coordinated street systems with relation to major thoroughfares, adjoining subdivisions, and public facilities;

to promote development that incorporates multimodal transportation options;

to protect significant, as determined by the Town, natural areas and scenic assets;

to achieve individual property lots of reasonable utility and livability;

to secure adequate provisions for water supply, drainage, sanitary sewers, and other health requirements;

to encourage projects that incorporate efficient uses of renewable energy sources, including but not limited to, solar, geothermal and wind;

to ensure consideration for adequate sites for schools, recreation areas, and other public facilities;

to promote the conveyance of land by accurate legal description; and to provide the logical procedures for the achievement of this purpose;

to minimize detrimental impacts to the environment by encouraging site designs that protect and enhance the natural features and environmental quality of a site;

to encourage landscaping that limits water and energy use and preserves existing natural vegetation;

to encourage the preservation of existing wildlife habitat; and

to encourage the substitution of effluent for potable water when possible.

All construction and repair of public facilities and private roads shall be accomplished in accordance with the standards adopted by the Town of Clarkdale. Additionally, all traffic control devices shall be placed in accordance with the latest edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices as adopted by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Subdivision designs that promote the preservation of natural features, unique vegetation, historical sites and archeological sites are encouraged and may be required. (Prior code §  12-3-1)