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A. If no lots in a subdivision, for which a final map has been approved and recorded, have been sold within thirteen (13) months from the date of recordation and if all of the improvements have not been made within thirteen (13) months of recordation, the Council may, on its own motion, hold a public hearing after notice, to determine whether the approval and recording of such final map should be revoked. Such revocation shall be in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes.

B. If no lots in a subdivision for which a final plat has been approved and recorded have been sold, the property owner(s) of all lots within a subdivision may submit an application to the Director for Reversion to Acreage. This application shall include a survey and legal description presenting the property as reverted from the platted subdivision. Upon Town Council approval of the reversion and recording of the new property description the Public Works Director will determine if any posted assurances (see Section 12-4-050-D) may be released. An application fee of an amount established by the Town Council shall be paid at the time of filing. An application for revocation of all or any part of a subdivision shall be evaluated by the Community Development Department prior to any consideration by Town Council.

1. Correlation with General Plan of the Town.

2. Correlation with proposed development in adjacent areas.

3. Effect of such action on nearby existing development.

4. Access to all remaining parcels.

C. Any other actions applicable to the above process and permitted by State laws are permissible.

D. Applications to abandon streets or easements shall be made pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes and shall be carried on separately and simultaneously with any procedure to abandon a subdivision or revert it to acreage.

E. Upon submittal of an application to abandon a subdivision and cause same to revert to acreage, staff shall distribute the request to the following for review and comment: Town Engineer, the County Assessor, County Treasurer, the County Health Department, and any utility that has facilities on the property proposed to be abandoned.

F. Upon receipt of reviewing comment(s), if any, the Commission shall schedule the matter for public hearing before the Commission to formulate a recommendation to the Council. (Prior code §  12-1-1)