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The Site Plan Review Committee is established for the purpose of review and approval of site plans for all subdivisions; commercial or industrial development, or as deemed necessary by the Development Services Director.

A. The following shall be members of the Site Plan Review Committee:

1. Development Services Director;

2. Public Works Director;

3. Town Engineer;

4. Water Resources Manager;

5. Chief of Police (or his/her designee);

6. Fire Chief (or his/her designee);

7. Building Inspector;

8. Flood Control.

B. Representatives from the following may be included at the discretion of the Develoment Services Director:

1. School districts;

2. APS;

3. Unisource;

4. ADOT;

5. As determined by the Development Services Director. (Revised by Resolution #1621; Revised by Ordinance #403; prior code §  11-10)