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(Amended by Resolution 1261 & Ordinance #310 on 5/13/08; Effective 6/13/08)

The purpose of Design Review is to review the exterior design of proposed new buildings, proposed alterations to buildings and major development or redevelopment projects which do not include new buildings within the Town of Clarkdale, in order to insure that new development or redevelopment is compatible with the surrounding environment, and to preserve and protect the integrity and character of the Town of Clarkdale.

A. This ordinance shall apply to new buildings and redevelopment as defined in this ordinance or the Town of Clarkdale Zoning Ordinance, except single family dwellings and accessory uses, and shall also apply to all public buildings and facilities. Structures (other than buildings), signs, landscaping, parking areas, public facilities and enclosures will be reviewed by the Design Review Board if a part of new building development or building redevelopment. (Prior code §  11-1)