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A. Classifications: For the purpose of this Ordinance, the Town of Clarkdale is hereby divided into districts as follows:

1. Single Family Residential (R1) District

2. Single Family Residential (R-1A) District

3. Single Family Residential Limited (R-1L) District

4. Suburban Residential (RS3) District

5. Single Family Residential and Multiple Dwelling Units (R-2) District

6. Multiple Family Residential (R-3) District

7. Manufactured Home Residential (R-4) District

8. Manufactured Home Residential Alternate (R-4A) District

9. Commercial (C) District

10. Central Business (CB) District

11. Industrial (I) Districts

B. Boundaries and areas:

1. The boundaries and areas of these districts are hereby established as indicated by means of lines, symbols, figures expressing distance in feet otherwise on the Zoning Map adopted in Section 4 hereof, and declared to be part of this Ordinance.

2. The indicated boundary lines are intended generally to follow existing property lines or street lines or as may be otherwise indicated on the Zoning Map.

3. Determination of doubtful lines: In case of doubt or disagreement concerning the exact location of a district boundary line, the determination shall be made by the Board of Adjustment, created by Ordinance No. 39, adopted October 6, 1975.

4. Interpretation of district boundaries: Where uncertainty exists with respect to the boundaries of any of the districts as shown on the Zoning map, the Board of Adjustment shall adopt the following rules in resolving the issue:

a. Where boundaries approximately follow streets, alleys or highways. Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following the center line or street line of streets, the center line or alley line of alleys, or the center line or right-of-way line of highways, such lines shall be construed to be such district boundaries.

b. Where boundaries parallel street lines, alley lines, or highway right-of-way lines. Where district boundaries are so indicated that they are approximately parallel to center lines or street lines of street, the center lines or alley lines of alleys, or the center lines of right-of-way lines of highways, such district boundaries shall be construed as being the center lines of said streets, alleys or highways at the time of the adoption of this Zoning Code. If no distance is given, such dimension shall be determined by the use of the scale shown on said Zoning Map.

c. Where boundaries approximately follow lot lines. Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following lot lines, such lot lines shall be construed to be said boundaries.

d. Where the boundary follows a railroad line. Where the boundary of a district follows a railroad line, such boundary shall be deemed to be located at the middle of the R-O-W.

e. Where the boundary follows a body of water. Where the boundary of a district follows a stream, lake or other body of water, said boundary line shall be construed to be at the limit of the jurisdiction of the Town of Clarkdale, unless otherwise indicated.

f. Submerged areas not included in district. All areas within the corporate limits of the Town which are under water and are not shown as included within any district shall be subject to all of the regulations of the district which immediately adjoins the water districts, the boundaries of each district shall be construed to extend into the water area in a straight line until they meet the other district.

g. District regulations apply to schools, parks, etc. Any areas shown on the Zoning Map as park, playground, school, cemetery, water, streets, or right-of-way, shall be subject to the zoning regulations of the district in which they are located. In case of doubt, the zoning regulation of the most restricted adjoining district shall govern.

h. Where property has not been included in a district. Where property has not been specifically within a district, or where territory has become a part of the Town by annexation, the same shall be classed as lying and being in a district until such classifications shall have been changed by an amendment to the Zoning Code, as provided by law.

i. Vacation of public ways. Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated, the zoning district adjoining each side of such street, alley or public way shall be automatically extended to the center of such vacated area and that area shall then be subject to all regulations of the extended districts. (Prior code §  1-5)