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Within sixty (60) days after the Town has accepted the extension of any water/reclaimed water or sewer line or other water/reclaimed water or sewer improvement/facility to serve a subdivision, platted or unplatted property, the developer/owner obtaining a reimbursement agreement with the Town shall provide the following to the Utilities Director prior to any reimbursement payments being made. Compliance with the following are conditions for reimbursement:

A. A copy of the “letter of acceptance” issued by the Town Engineer stating that the improvements conform to the approved plans and specifications.

B. A full-size original mylar or equivalent of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (or their designated agency) approved as-built construction drawings indicating actual facilities installed and the approval of construction.

C. Receipts identifying actual design and construction costs, and proof (lien releases) that payment was made by the developer/owner.

D. A diagram of all property that will be benefited by the improvements installed.

E. The required information necessary to complete the permit shall be provided by the developer/owner at his/her expense. [Prior code Art. 21-4.]