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A. Duly authorized agents of the Town are hereby authorized to carry out periodic inspections or reinspections of facilities, equipment, property, and records, as may be deemed necessary to determine compliance with this chapter.

B. Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter, except those provisions covering rates, fees, other charges, or delinquent bills, or tampering with a public water system (which is considered a felony in certain instances), shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor or felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as provided in the Town Code. Each and every day any such violation continues shall be deemed and considered a separate offense. Any person, firm, or corporation violating any provisions of this chapter shall become liable to the Town for any expense, loss or damage occasioned by the Town, by reason of such violation.

C. The penalties set forth above shall be cumulative and nonexclusive. In addition to those penalties set forth herein, the Town may institute any other remedies available, including, but not limited to, a civil action or lien on the property to recover any and all monies due the Town. [Ordinance #383, 2017; Resolution #1538, 2017; prior code § 19-9-12.]