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A. The property owner shall enter into a water service agreement prior to connection to the Town water system.

B. As a condition to establish new potable water service from the Town, the property owner shall physically disconnect the private well from the home water system and either:

1. Abandon any existing well on the property in accordance with well abandonment procedures of the Arizona Department of Water Resources, and all other local, State and Federal regulations in regards to abandonment of wells; or

2. Render the well unusable for any domestic or irrigation purposes, and grant the Town permission for use of the well as a groundwater monitoring well. With the grant of permission, the Town, with at least forty-eight (48) hours’ advance notice to the owner, shall be able to access the well for groundwater monitoring purposes. Such permission shall be on a form prescribed by the Town, in a recordable format and attached to the water service agreement, and shall be binding upon the property owner and future owners of the property. [Ordinance #383, 2017; Resolution #1538, 2017; prior code § 19-3-7.]