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A. The customer of the Water Utility may appeal a decision made under this chapter to a hearing officer appointed by Town Council. Arizona Revised Statutes and other Federal and State laws and regulations may not be appealed.

B. If a customer wishes to file an objection and request a hearing before the hearing officer for a decision rendered under this chapter, except as set forth in this section, the customer shall submit a certified written notice of objection within fifteen (15) days of receiving such decision. The written objection shall include copies of all documents that support the customer’s position.

C. Within ten (10) days of date of receipt of the objection and request for a hearing before the hearing officer from the customer, the Town shall schedule a hearing date and give written notice to the customer of the scheduled date.

D. The hearing shall be held by a hearing officer.

1. The hearing shall be held during regular Town business hours.

2. The hearing may be continued one (1) time by the hearing officer upon the written request for good cause from the customer.

3. The customer and the Town (if requested by hearing officer) shall each be given an opportunity to present their respective cases.

E. The hearing officer shall render a written decision within thirty (30) days of the close of the hearing.

F. All decisions of the hearing officer shall be final. [Ordinance #383, 2017; Resolution #1538, 2017; prior code § 19-3-2.]