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A. Before design and construction of any public water system improvements, the applicant shall have received an approved letter of water service availability from the Water Division Director.

B. The Town shall review and approve the design, engineering, and construction of all public water systems improvements provided for under this chapter in addition to any other required agency approvals.

C. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) or its designated representative shall review and approve all potable and domestic water system improvement plans of the Town in accordance with the Arizona Administrative Code. Submittal to ADEQ or its designated representative shall be performed concurrent with the Town review. Approval of the water system improvement shall require both ADEQ and Town approval of the plans.

D. All costs to obtain approvals, including inspection, shall be the responsibility of the owner/developer. [Ordinance #383, 2017; Resolution #1538, 2017; prior code § 19-10-2.]